Sample Agenda


Hosted by [museum/cultural institution]

Site [address] [dates]

Day 1 – 9:00am – 3:00pm

9:00 am                  Registration and Pre-Institute Survey

9:10 am                  Welcome and Introductions 

9:30 am                  CALTA21: New Paradigm

         Guiding principles

Professional Development Institute

         Getting to Know the Adult English Language Learner (ELLs)

  • Acronyms related to ELLs
  • Perceptions of ELLs and Immigrants (what I think…/what I have heard from others…)
  • Strengths
  • Needs and wants
  • Museums’ new roles


11:00 am                 CALTA21 Curriculum: Identity, Portraiture and Photography

  • Goals
  • Theme
  • Framework
  • Structure
  • Pedagogies


12:00 pm                LUNCH

1:00 pm                   Deconstructing the Curriculum


  • Postcard activity
  • Venn diagram
  • Photography and portraiture vocabulary
  • “Words that say home to you”
  • Memorable photograph
  • Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) facilitated discussion and deconstruction


2:45  pm               Debriefing and analysis of the session


  • THINKING POINTS: How do the CALTA21 curriculum and VTS apply to teaching adult English Language Learners at the museum and in the classroom? 



Hosted by [ museum/cultural institution ]

Site [address]


Day 2: 9 am- 3pm


9:00 am                    Reflecting on the thinking points


9:15 am                    Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) facilitated discussion

Analysis of visual thinking strategies

  • Demonstration with intervention
  • Attendees deconstruct the VTS methodology
  • Paraphrasing exercise

11:00 am                 Small group practice

  • Participants practice VTS


12:00 pm               LUNCH


1:00 pm                 Small group practice

  • Participants practice VTS
  • Theoretical framework

2:00 pm                 CALTA21 and ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS (ELLs)

  • Video: Adult English language learners and their families participate in a VTS discussion facilitated by a museum docent
  • Academic, cultural, social capital for civic engagement and intercultural dialogue and competence
  • Building sustainable partnerships
    • Timeline
    • Implementation
    • Museum trips –  protocol and logistics


 3:00  pm              CLOSING REMARKS


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