CALTA21 Featured on the Incluseum

Last week I was the featured guest blogger on the Incluseum where I had the opportunity to use CALTA21 as a framework to discuss inclusion, intercultural dialogue, full cultural participation, and civic engagement in museums. You can visit the Incluseum’s blog and read the post by clicking here. We would love to continue the conversation, and we hope to  hear your thoughts and get your feedback. If you like what you see, please share it and spread the word through Facebook or Twitter!

The Incluseum is a project based in Seattle, Washington seeking to encourage social inclusion in museums. It is facilitated and coordinated by Aletheia Wittman and Rose Paquet Kinsley. Thanks to Rose and Aletheia the museum world has a forum where issues of inclusion, accessibility, and intercultural dialogue can be shared and discussed.


Posted by Patricia Lannes, CALTA21 Project Director

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