Migration Stories in the English Classroom

Migration Stories in the English Classroom: Using CALTA21 to Study Jacob Lawrence and the Migration Series While preparing for the QCC Adult Literacy Program’s June Intensive classes, I knew I wanted to bring students to see Jacob Lawrence’s┬áMigration… Read More

Experiencing the Museum: An Instructor’s Perspective

Anida Pobric, an English Language Instructor and the Outreach and Assessment Coordinator for the QCC Adult Literacy Program, implemented the CALTA21 curriculum with her class this past winter. Anida, an immigrant herself, writes about her experience using the… Read More

Mapping the Immigrant Population

The GRANTMAKERS CONCERNED WITH IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGEES have produced a fascinating map demonstrating the demographics of the foreign-born population in cities and counties all around the United States. Find your own area on this map and look at… Read More