The Barnes Foundation Education Department explores engagement strategies for English language learners

Museum educators, docents and teaching artists participated in a professional development workshop facilitated by Patricia Lannes at the Barnes Foundation. The Barnes is a historic organization that has traditionally been perceived as exclusive, inheriting and sharing Dr. Barnes’… Read More

Meeting Challenges in Education and Building Community Partnerships with Elizabeth Public Schools and VACNJ

The Elizabeth Public Schools face a big challenge – they are home to 5,107 students (increasing by 675 students in the last year alone) representing more than 29 languages and countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, and El Salvador. Due to the destabilizing world events impacting those countries, students enter the school system with a range of academic, social and emotional needs. The district is committed to supporting these students so they may succeed academically. However, it is also trying to help them find a sense of belonging to their community. It is within this context that the Elizabeth Public Schools partnered with CALTA21 and the Visual Arts Center in Summit, NJ – because CALTA21 supports academic learning by strengthening each student’s voice and encouraging the sharing of their personal narratives during the museum experience.

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Marco (student) leads a VTS discussion, part 2 from CALTA21 on Vimeo. Student-led VTS discussion at the Katonah Museum of Art (part II) Check out the second half of Marco’s VTS discussion! ______________________________________________________ Docent-led VTS discussion at the… Read More

VTS at the Katonah Museum

<strong>Student-led VTS discussion at the Katonah Museum of Art (part I)</strong> Marco, an English language student, leads a VTS discussion for his classmates at the Katonah Museum of Art, during the class’ first trip to the museum.

About the CALTA21 Curriculum

To access the CALTA21 curriculum and its additional materials, email with your request. Please include your professional title and the name of the organization or institution with which you are affiliated.  In response, you will receive login… Read More

Learning How to Teach with Art

The genesis and rationale behind VTS as narrated by Philip Yenawine, VTS co- founder, in his new book. Read here: Visual Thinking Strategies: Learning How to Teach with Art