THE CALTA21 Professional Development Institute aims to…

1. Build the capacity of museum staff to work with adult English language learners

2. Build the capacity of faculty, librarians, community-based organization  and workforce development staff to use art and museums as a resource for teaching English and empowering adult immigrants

3. Share the  CALTA21 model  by:

  • Learning about the CALTA21 guiding principles
  • Discussing the CALTA21 curriculum Identity, Portraiture and Photography
  • Participating in selected curricular activities
  • Exploring visual literacy strategies and best practices when working with adult English language learners and their families in a museum or classroom setting
  • Practicing Visual Thinking Strategies in the museum galleries

4. Foster conversation and potential dynamic modes of collaboration among museums and institutions of higher education and community-based organizations by:

  • Discussing collaboration strategies
  • Exploring logistics
  • Setting a timeline

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