The recorded symposium is now online!

Did you miss the online symposium we hosted the other week? Or perhaps you want to revisit some of the segments that you have already seen? Now available is the full recording of the CALTA21 online symposium! We have broken it down into the five separate sessions for your convenience. Also posted under the “Symposium” tab are the relevant handouts (the  symposium agenda and the presenters’ bios), as well as the videos of students shown during the live event. Please check it out!

*To view the videos played during the symposium, please visit the “Additional Media” tab under “Symposium” or click here.


Goals and Guiding Principles of CALTA21

The Katonah Museum of Art: The Process of Implementing CALTA21

 Literacy and Museum Evaluators: Outcomes and Lessons Learned

Best Practices When Working with Adult ELLs in Museums: Museum Professionals  

Literacy Skills in the Classroom and at the Museum: English Language Instructors

Creating New Consortia: Taking CALTA21 to Your Own Institutions

Coming soon!

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