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CALTA21 Replicator’s Manual

The content of this manual is the result of the research, observations, implementation, and evaluation of our model initiative,
Cultures and Literacies Through Art for the 21st Century (CALTA21). Thanks to the funding from a one-year National Leadership Planning Grant and three years of a National Leadership Grant by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), we were able to concentrate all of our efforts into building a model that is innovative, replicable, sustainable and empowering for the adult immigrant, while simultaneously building institutional and professional capacity for all participants.

This manual is primarily designed for museums, but anyone interested in developing synergistic partnerships to implement CALTA21, or any other program designed to transform institutions into models of inclusion, full cultural participation, access to knowledge and civic engagement for immigrant communities, will find it useful.

Demographic shifts presented in census data, research findings from the report “Demographic Transformation and the Future of Museums” published by the Center for the Future of Museums – AAM in 2010 and our own needs assessment of the museum field encouraged us to find ways to create CALTA21 to address the national trends. Once the needs assessment was established, we developed the CALTA21 model based on the premise that replicable and sustainable initiatives benefit from synergistic collaborations.

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