The CALTA21 evaluation plan expanded its scope over the course of the grant period.  An analysis of students’ test scores by Dr. Ian Beckford (Queensborough Community College), an analysis writing samples by Amy Chase Gulden of VTS and an additional evaluation of participants’ experience during the Professional Development Institutes by Dr. Margot Edlin were all added to the originally intended evaluations performed by Dr. Barbara Sparks and by the Garibay Group.

CALTA21 Summative Evaluation Report
Submitted December 22, 2014
Cecilia Garibay, Jane Schaefer, and Kathryn Smiley
Garibay Group

CALTA21 Summative Literacy Evaluation
Barbara Sparks, Ph.D.
Submitted December 3, 2014
Education & Training Consultant
Planning, Assessment Evaluation

Pre and Post-Implementation of the CALTA21 Curriculum: Analysis of Writing Samples Collected to Assess Student Growth
Submitted December 16, 2014  by
Amy Chase Gulden
National Program Director – Education
Visual Thinking Strategies

CALTA21 Pre and Post-Institute Survey Results
Submitted Decemeber 12, 2014 by
Margot Edlin, Ed.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Academic Literacy
Faculty Fellow, Office of Academic Affairs
Queensborough Community College, CUNY

Evaluation of Test Results
Dr. Ian Beckford
Learning Outcomes Assessment Manager
Queensborough Community College, CUNY

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